Pediatric Project:                      The purpose of this project is to explore and demonstrate the ability to comprehend and apply knowledge of care. This project must be completed in writing (APA format) and the student must be prepared to discuss information concerning the project with the class. Discuss the nursing concerns and implications, medications, lab values, and an understanding that would be appropriate.                     A minimum score of 75% must be achieved. Failing to complete, or turn in the required Pediatric Project results in a failing grade for the rotation, hence a failing grade for the course.choose a topic from the list below:AdolescentThere are 2 parts to this project:The oral presentation should be creative, accurate, and detailed concerning the topic. Growth and developmentPsychosocial DevelopmentAssessmentNursing rolesDiscuss the nursing concerns and implications, medications, lab values, and an understanding that would be appropriate. 2The written portion of this assignment consist of a minimum of 2-page APA report and must be turned in on the due date to receive credit.Pediatric Nursing Care                                                                              Student Name ______________________________________________                Oral/Written Presentation Rubric Topic: ______________________________________________________________               Date: ___________________Score LevelsPreparationContentOrganizationOral PresentationReferences10Project is well thought out.Abstract summarizes overview of the presentationLearning objectives concise and appropriate.Information is accurate and factual.Project is typed and in APA format.Few (2-3) spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.High-level use of vocabulary and word choiceClearly relates information to the assignment, all areas included.Varied use of materialsBrochure/Handout gives complete overview, creative and clear.Information is clearly focused in an organized and thoughtful manner.Information is constructed in a logical pattern to support the assignment goal.Easy to follow.Participation of both group members is obvious.Multimedia is used to clarify and illustrate the main points.Format enhances the content.Presentation captures audience attention.Presentation is organized and well laid out.Speaks well, enthusiastic, enunciates clearlyReferences cited in the instructed format.In text references are included throughout the paper. Reference page is included.5Well thought out, but not always clear and concise.Abstract vague or incomplete.Learning objectives inadequate or vague.Contains less than 3 factual errors or inconsistencies.Project is typed but is not in APA format. Contains 3-5 spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.Good use of vocabulary and word choice.Unclear relation to the assignment; some areas included.Minimal use of materials.Brochure gives partial overview, somewhat creative and/or clear.Information is somewhat organized and focused on the assignment.Choppy and somewhat difficult to follow.Inconsistent group participation.Multimedia is used to illustrate the main points but does not clarify main points.Format is appropriate for the content but doesn’t enhance the project.Presentation captures audience attention at times.Presentation is haphazardly organized.Speaks well most of the time; broken sentences; distracters used.References are incompletely or incorrectly cited.In-text references cited but no reference page OR reference page and no in-text references. 1Not well thought out. Abstract does not cover subjectLearning objectives missing or inappropriate.Has more than 3 factual errors or inconsistenciesProject not typed or in APA format. More than 5 spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errorsLow-level use of vocabulary and word choiceNo relation to the assignment.No materials used.Brochure gives poor overview, or no brochure provided.Content is unfocused and haphazard.Information appears to have a pattern, but the pattern is not consistently carried out in the project.Information loosely supports the solution.One member does not participate.Presentation appears sloppy and/or unfinished.Format does not suit the content.Presentation does not capture audience attention; overused or underused.Presentation is loosely organized.Appears disinterested in the presentation; difficult to understand.NO references page.Plagiarized presentationGRADE_______/ 10_________/10_________/10________/10_________/10TOTAL_________/50

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