Adolescence and Identity Development

I will pay for the following article Adolescence and Identity Development. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. I was not allowed to direct plays and socialize with friends of my age. Furthermore, I was never allowed to play games like hiding and seek with children from our neighborhood. I could only watch from a window because my mother thought that such games were dangerous. In addition, I was not allowed to have pets because they were perceived to be dirty. As a result, I developed a sense of self-doubt and inadequacy which affected me throughout my life.

My father left me when I was twelve, the age at which children develop a sense of pride in their abilities and what they accomplish by means of social interactions. My mother whom I was left with was not friendly and as a result, we were never close. I had nobody to encourage me and commend my daily undertakings. According to Erickson, I developed a feeling of doubt in regard to my capability of being successful. I was rarely grounded in my teen’s life as my mother had no time to educate me about the challenges of the adolescent stage. In fact, she thought that buying a lot of things could compensate for the time that she was not with me. In addition, my father who could have provided moral support was not there. I, therefore, entered the adolescence stage without any knowledge of what it is and the likely challenges that I had to encounter.

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Adolescence and Identity Development
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Extended relatives were an impediment to the development of my identity in the early years. At the age of 12, I thought I was grown up enough to be left to think like any other person and make decisions based on reason and evidence. I wanted to be autonomous so that I could be able to choose what was right for me. This was not possible because my uncles were harsh about my grades and quitting was never a choice. These heteronomy tendencies of my uncles did not please me. My uncles believed that I was too young and therefore they had to think for me&nbsp.and make decisions regarding my life and this affected greatly my cognitive learning. In addition, my mother’s religious dogmas were a hindrance in my quest.&nbsp.

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