Addiction and Culture

This assignment addresses course outcome 7:7. Analyze and apply the appropriate ethical standards and social responsibilities of the human services profession to the delivery of human or community services (Human Services Concentration Outcome).For this assignment you will write a 500-word essay that addresses a substance abuse problem within ONE minority group in the United States. You may define this minority group in terms of race or ethnicity (i.e.—Hispanic Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, etc.), and/or sexual orientation (those within the LGBT community). Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) to write your assignment. You should include at least three sources, one of which may be from the weekly readings.Your essay should answer the following:• Which minority group are you studying and why?• What substance is being abused by this minority group?• What is the prevalence of the abuse of this substance within this minority group? (Provide specific data form your research)• What is ONE effective way to help solve some of the problems associated with the addiction that you have covered in this paper?In addition to the assigned readings, locate and utilize at least two additional academic resources specific to the culture you selected. (Check the EC Library on how to identify and select appropriate resources: Open this page and scroll down to #4).You are to include at least three references (standard is 2 per page of text) from academic sources that you have researched on this topic in the Excelsior Library and to use appropriate citations in APA style.You cannot just do a Google search for the topic! Academic sources are required. You may use Google Scholar or other libraries.APA style guidelines for your in-text citations and for your references list:

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Addiction and Culture
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