Action plan essay

THE ACTION PLAN (20% of course grade)

Engage in an effective process of turning vision into action; moving from knowing to doing.

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Action plan essay
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Based upon a solid written mission statement and a clear vision you are
asked to devise a plan of action for the next 12 months that practically moves
you closer to what you have envisioned for your life. Someone once wisely
stated, “He or she who fails to plan, plans to fail.” The Action Plan is an
assignment that is designed to help you turn your mission and vision into
concrete action. Many people have great ideas in their heads about what
they want to be and do in the future but they never put those great ideas on
paper. By putting your Action Plan on paper you will move your mission
and vision one step closer to becoming something that is visible, tangible and
concrete in the real world. This assignment requires you to develop specific
measurable goals, strategies, and tactics that are solely based upon and
directly connected to your mission statement and vision paper. The hope is
that as a result of you putting on paper some specific measurable goals,
strategies, and tactics you will be enabled and empowered to translate your
preferred future into a present concrete reality. Specific information will be
given during the class lectures that will help you with doing this assignment.
(5 full pages minimum, double-spaced and stapled).


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