Accrediting healthcare facilities

Several different agencies are responsible for accrediting healthcare facilities. They include:1. Joint Commission2. National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)3. Committee on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)4. Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)5. URACUtilize online resources and the Purdue Global Library to research each of the agencies listed above.Prepare a 10-15 slide narrated presentation of your analysis for each agency. The purpose of your presentation is to inform your audience of the scope and purpose of each agency and to compare and contrast the pros and cons of becoming accredited through the agency.Your presentation should include: Year established, target setting, and overview of standards.Your information on the “pros” and “cons” of agency accreditation should be supported with sufficient information to assist the audience in making informed choices.Requirements: Your narrated presentation consist should consist of 10-15 slides. You can access a tutorial for creating narrated at the following link: presentation should also include a title slide and a reference slide In addition to your 10-15 informational slides.Your narrations should be professionally delivered using the appropriate delivery techniques and styles (i.e. clear enunciation, appropriate word choice, organization of ideas.Your presentation should follow the conventions of Standard English (i.e. correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.Your presentation should also follow standard College Writing and Presenting Expectations.Acceptable font sizes for your slide headings should be between 50-60 pts. and acceptable font sizes for your slide type should be between 24-40 pts.Your references should be in APA format for style and references.Use at least 4 references for your presentationSubmit completed Assignment by the end of Unit 2

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Accrediting healthcare facilities
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