Academic Essay Writing (15%)

MBAF 501

Assignment #2

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Academic Essay Writing (15%)
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Academic Essay Writing (15%)

Write a 750-word essay (at least 6 paragraphs) in which you sum up what you believe to be the major or biggest obstacle(s) or barrier(s) to communication on the job/in the workplace. 

Please do not simply edit the diagnostic essay and submit it again. You are required to do a serious rewrite using the feedback your instructor gave you; this may mean starting the essay over completely if you did not do well on the diagnostic essay.

One change from the diagnostic (aside from the modification of the topic) is this: you are now writing a persuasive essay, using argumentative technique. To do this well, you must include consideration of a counteragument and offer a refutation for it. This MUST be included somewhere in the essay, either as a separate (6th) paragraph, or wherever you find suitable.

Please use APA format for your submission. Your work will be assessed according to the Essay Grading Rubric posted on the course website.

This assignment must be submitted in hard copy (if your instructor requires this) as well as online through Turn-it-in. You must also submit your graded diagnostic essay (hard copy) along with this assignment.

Due: by the end of Week 5


  • INTRODUCTION. One paragraph which consists of a thesis statement and background information to understand the topic. This statement provides the main idea of your argument, and also conveys your purpose for writing. A three-part thesis statement can be very effective, but you can choose a different structure if you wish.
  • BODY. Composed of at least three paragraphs, illustrating the main ideas and sub-ideas, with the use of strong topic sentences. Be sure you provide at least three reasons for why you believe what you believe. Include transitions between ideas and paragraphs, and check each paragraph for good unity, coherence, and development.
  • CONCLUSION. One paragraph that wraps up or sums up the argument, offering no new information. The thesis is often restated here, but in a new way (ie. not in the same words). Often, possible solutions or recommendations can also be offered here.

Please refer to the textbook and class notes for additional information.


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