A Technology of Life

The rising rate of technological development brings significant contribution to today’s ongoing fast pace of life. It has significantly impacted people’s lives that their ways of doing things as well as their means of doing things have already changed to conform to technological trends.

Its powerful effect on almost every person’s life is remarkably manifested in the people’s enthusiastic acceptance and immersion to change brought about by technology. Indeed, technology influences people’s mode of thinking, behaving, and doing things. It has also directly and indirectly shapes certain behavior patterns and values among people especially the young generation. It has even become a guide for social interaction and thus, has already become part of everybody’s every day life.

The rapid technological change brings both desirable and undesirable changes in our culture. Technology development can only be viewed as a cultural progression if its desirable impact to the culture and society is capitalized.
Further, technology is considered a cultural progression if changes brought about redound to the highest interest of an organization and to the society as a whole. It should not only create convenience but should facilitate optimum outcome and productivity of anything where technology is used or applied. S
ome of the considerable beneficial effect of technology is it works to decrease business cost in the industry sector while, technology, particularly communication bridges the distance between individuals. Also, it must be noted that technology now promoted and encouraged continuous invention and innovation.
However, one should always be reminded of the fact that too much of anything is dangerous, thus too much dependence to technology might also demean natural creativity and intelligence of people and foster a technology-dependent society.
Technology has undeniably successfully change people’s values, beliefs, and ways of behaving which are aspects that reflect the culture of the new society.
The unstoppable development in technology and its affordability has triggered a domino effect that has changed how people and society behaves. It has created a cultural change as people in today’s environment has no option to keep abreast with the modern world but to embrace technology and its resulting change, and learn to use and live with it.
Technology provides people with the tool to deal and live with the demands of the changing environment especially the industrial world. It creates competitive advantage that in the corporate world “technology now is power” (Coon).
It is a fact that this rapid technological change creates convenience among people even in industrial organizations.  According to Hannagan (1998), “the introduction of technology has speeded up global communication and made possible for information to be transmitted immediately”  (p. 602) facilitating immediate transaction.
These developments have served to facilitate global business developments as well as individual relationship. In fact one of the most concrete examples of the beneficial use of technology to communication is well articulated in the statements of Davis and Meyer (1999) that “the development of mobile technologies have made connection available to anyone, anytime, and any place” (p. 9). Technology serves to speed up business and personal transactions maximizing productivity and usability of time.
The communication revolution has a profound effect on the lives of people. This effect makes the new communication technology essential to people lives. To concretize this is to relate my experience with that of my mother when communication technology was not yet developed. During their time, distance can really create so much challenge as immediate communication was not available.
However, in my time now, owning mobile phone is not a luxury but already a necessity. It helps one to receive important information immediately, facilitate immediate deals and decision making, communicate and “stay close” with the family and significant people, and socialize with friends. Its added attributes like calculator, calendar, camera and others can also help the owner or user in various ways making life easier and less complicated. Indeed, technology has really provided practicality and convenience to its user and to the modern society.
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