A Field Guide to Boys and Girls by Susan Gilbert.

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Gilbert tries to explain to the parents that not all boys are the same. Therefore, parents should not try to compare their boys with the other boys. This is simply because there are different types of boys. Some are highly competitive and highly physical at one end, and at the other end some are peaceful and quiet and they mostly prefer to read. Not every boy wants to engage in sports, wrestle, or even play with guns. Parents need to know that there are boys who are quiet and studious and there those who are bookish and this is all right and perfectly normal.

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A Field Guide to Boys and Girls by Susan Gilbert.
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The reason why boys tend to be more aggressive is that their prefrontal cortex is less active compared to girls thus they tend to make more impulsive decisions (Gilbert, 2001).Girls tend to talk much earlier than boys do. Girls experience the use of gestures as well as sporting activities like those that play games earlier than in the boys. Girls start using simple gestures such as waving good-bye or even pointing earlier. According to a research, study conducted between children aged eight to around 30 months, girls tend to understand what they are being told much earlier and thus they can talk first at around 12 months.

They continue to talk more throughout their toddler years. At around 16 months, girls can produce almost 100 words while an average boy utters close to 30 words. Investigations on brain development have indicated that girls tend to use more of their cortical areas for emotive and verbal functioning (Sethi, 2013). Even though girls tend to be ahead based on their talking and listening skills research studies indicate that the gap becomes narrower at around the age of 2 to 3 years as the boys can catch up with their utterance pace.

Parents should try to nurture the boys so that they can talk at the same pace, as the girl is right from birth (Gilbert, 2001).Gilbert states that based on her research girls tend to have more urge in reading and writing as they develop.

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