75 words each

  1. In Chapter 8, you learned about social media information systems. Businesses are now using social media to market to users and possibly customers. Have you ever made a purchase based on an ad or information you saw on social media? Do you think these campaigns are successful? Why, or why not? Info system management
  2. As the CEO of an organization, you just learned that the information technology (IT) security department hired a convicted hacker who used to write malicious code as a security consultant. Would you overturn this decision? Why, or why not? Info system management
  3. Complete the readings for this unit and then complete additional research on the McClelland theory of needs. Remember, McClelland believes that individuals are motivated by achievement, power, and affiliation, yet they tend to favor one over the others. After reviewing and researching the theory, discuss which one seems to motivate you the most (achievement, power, or affiliation), and explain why. Professionalism in the Workplace
  1. Suppose you just received a phone call about your dream job, and the company would like to invite you to an interview. Conduct initial research about the company and determine what types of things you want to know about the company and/or the job. Plus, what types of things do you want the company to know about you? What types of questions would you like to ask the company, and why? What types of questions do you hope the company asks you, and why?

Be sure to use your critical-thinking skills for this discussion. There are no right and wrong responses. The purpose of this exercise is to intentionally discuss these details among your peers and practice preparing for the real thing. Professionalism in the Workplace

  1. For this unit discussion, we will discuss collages. Artists frequently juxtapose unlike images or textures next to each other through collage to create a new meaning. Find a collage in real life or online, and describe how new meaning is created through the juxtaposition of the images. Please include an image of the collage in your post. Art Appreciation
  1. What photograph taken during a world event sticks out in your mind for generating a positive emotional response? Upload it, and explain your memory of the event and photograph. Art Appreciation
  1. Solitary confinement is used as a means of controlling extreme behavior or managing suicidal inmates. What are your thoughts on the need to keep inmates safe even though the impact of solitary confinement can cause lasting negative psychological changes? What would you do differently in these situations that would incorporate a rehabilitative component? Forensic psy
  1. Empirical research is a necessary foundation of the growth of scientific fields, including psychology. Why should psychological treatment be based on science rather than on opinion? Can you think of an instance in which you might accept treatment from individuals who seem credible but who have not been professionally verified? Why? Forensic PSY

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