400 word Discussion Public Health Biostats (The Validity of Meta-Analyses)

Due 7/31/19  8 p.m EST
400 words not including Title & Ref min 3 APA
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Discussion: The Validity of Meta-Analyses
Epidemiological meta-analyses are quantitative types of systematic reviews, in which summary measures of exposure–outcome associations are calculated based on the results of a selection of existing studies. The goal of meta-analysis is to obtain a robust understanding of the relationship between an exposure and a health outcome. Existing studies may, of course, have strengths and limitations of their own. Similarly, the methodology of meta-analysis has its critics.
With these thoughts in mind:
Review the studies and articles provided
Post a brief summary of your informed opinion regarding the validity of the use of meta-analysis in epidemiological research. Include at least two strengths or limitations of meta-analysis as a systematic review technique. Provide evidence from at least one of the articles in the Learning Resources to support and justify your position.


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