3 files are attached. One is the Assignment instructions. One is the Case study and one are the chapters 1-13

INTB2200 D01 INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT Winter 202 1 Final Exam Instructions Comprehensive Review of Business Case The Case The case for the final exam is “ Onward Technologies Limited: An Indian SME Building A Global Brand ” (Ivey Publishing production ID : 9B20 A07 9 ). The easiest way to find the case is to type in the Publication code 9B20 A 0 7 9 in the “ Search ” box at https://www.iveycases.com . Note that you might have to register an account and then , of course, pay for the selected case. You will then be able to download the case right away . Feel free to search for additional information online about the company and the industry (e.g., engineering services outsourcing market) , as well as anything you w ant to know about related countries/regions. Remember though that you will need to cite sources of information at the end of your case report, in a separate page, for anything other than those mentioned in the assigned exam case. You may use any proper for mat of reference such as APA style , including a web access link if necessary. N o citations are needed for information from the case and the textbook, obviously , and you don’t have to create in – text references. Instructions We have included a total of thirteen chapters from the textbook in this course , some covering more learning points than others . For the final exam, I would like you to identify 10 – 15 key learning points or theories and apply them to the case assigned above by providing a c omprehensive review of the company’s international operations . These learning points should reflect a reasonable balance across chapters, spanning a minimum of five chapters . For each learning point, you need to identify it clearly with a short phrase (see examples below), and indicate which chapter it comes from. Note that you are allowed to combine two points together (still c ount as t wo) when presenting your analysis , whenever more efficient or appropriate. It is up to you how much space you want to allocate to e ach point, or each combination of points . Y ou r analysis , however, should be put on a maximum of five pages , double – spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, one inch (2.54cm) margin on all sides . Any text beyond the fifth page ( other than cover page, tables, figures and references , if you choose to have any ) will not be graded. Please include your student ID in your file name. Late penalty will be applied as indicated in the course syllabus. To help you better structure your analysis , I would suggest you to focus on the following three components under each identification of learning point(s). First , you will identify one or two learning points clearly (label them by numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. so the graders can easily track how many points you have identified and for which point(s) you are For this assignment Assignment For This Assignment analyzing the company in that section ), and then use 1 – 2 short sentences to explain the focal learning point (or points, if it is a combination of two), so people understand what it is from an internation al management perspective. Second , critique or comment on the company’s practi c e s and operations with respect to that partic ular learning point (s) that you have just identified . If the case does not have any information about the co mpa ny in that aspect and you cannot easily find information in external search, please use this section to comment on common practices of firms in the same industry with respect to th at particular learning point(s). For example, how firms in, say, automobile industry manage foreign subsidiaries in terms of international expatriates in general? Third , provide brief recommendations for the firm as to what actions they need to engage in along with the learning point (s) in order to become more competitive in terms of profits growth or market growth or reduction of business risk . The recommended actions should be as specific and clear as possible , not to propose broad recommendations such as going to more countries . Please ensure you organize your learning points in separate paragraphs /sections , with subtitles if that helps , so as to make it easier for the grader to track your thoughts a nd grade each point (or each combination) separately . It will also be easier to quickly count how many points you have identified and what they are exactly. Please note that, once you reach the minimum of 10 learning points , the number of points won’t matter much anymore; it is the quality of analysis and writing that matters most after that. At the same time, never underestimate the importance of having a clear structure in presentation. It is difficult to sore high if the grader cannot follow you and does not understand well what you put up there. To give you some ideas about the learning points and theories , they may include such things as value chain, host country cultural/norm environment, firm internal resources and capabilities, comparative national competitive advantage, location advantages, entry modes, strategic alliance, multinational strategy, as well as multinational organizational structure a nd international HR management. If you still don’t grasp the idea, you may get some clues by looking into the learning objectives in each unit or chapter. It is important to note that you may identify a very different list of points or perspectives than th ese examples, as it is natural that people have different take – aways from the same chapter or same case . However, highly generic terms, such as competitive advantage or human resources management, won’t be acceptable as learning points, because those terms either tell little about the nature of international management or don’t reflect underlying theories or arguments, only suggesting broad topics. Some learning points you identify may not be very relevant to the exam case and y ou may want to focus on those points that are more relevant so you can develop recommendations that is required as one of the three components . Good luck!

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3 files are attached. One is the Assignment instructions. One is the Case study and one are the chapters 1-13
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