3-2 Final Project Milestone 2 strategic planning and approaching


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3-2 Final Project Milestone 2 strategic planning and approaching
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HCM 415

3-2 Final Project Milestone 2 strategic planning and approaching

Rachael Blackwood



The mission and vision

The core mission and vision for the Asian healthcare services were providing service to the underprivileged people in the society, including the immigrants and refugees. This would help to promote access to healthcare for all society members. Based on the strategic planning approach review, we understand that the facility is within the right track since they identify their threats and issues and convert them into potential goals, therefore helping them meet their unique mission. Additionally, the facility observes that the locals are from relatively poor backgrounds; therefore, promoting access is their greatest priority. The facility also wants to reduce the readmission in the facility along with hospital-acquired illnesses. Therefore this has helped increase patient satisfaction. Finally, the facility has also attempted to address the language barrier, formerly their major issue. The facility hiring interpreters have solved this to solve these barriers.

The prevailing issues

From the case study, we observe several prevailing issues along with the AHS. Firstly, the facility would help promote access to society and increase satisfaction by hiring bilingual staff members. The second issue is that the facility lacks proper resources since it works as a non-profitable organization; therefore, additional funding would increase service delivery after the ACA act (affordable care act) since they would not budget for a new program that would increase the quality of services delivered. Another observed issue is the highly dynamic society that the facility is operating under. Most of the locals are aging or elderly; they require more care translating to higher costs. The incoming refugees also increase the community’s dynamics. It may be challenging for the facility to hire practitioners that can speak or interpret all the languages.

Strategic planning concern and healthcare manager roles

The major issue that I understand has the biggest problem to the strategic planning the funding, which also affects the budgeting process. If the facility had more funding, it would have created new services, recruited more staff, acquired effective machinery, etc.; this would have helped in easier diagnosis and patient treatment. However, with limited funding, the facility cannot hire new staff. The healthcare managers can be directly involved in relieving these funding issues by checking for the unwanted programs in the organization and eliminating them. They should also classify their services based on priority to check for the most required resources, therefore allocating more during the budgeting process.

From the case study, the second strategic planning in the staff recruitment is that some physicians are leaving the facility and going to other areas where they will earn more. Therefore retaining staff on a limited budget is not easy, considering that most people are more money-oriented. Therefore the healthcare managers should sensitize the staff on the importance of giving back to society.

Healthcare in the recruitment of the staff that are qualified and more service delivery oriented. As noted earlier, most people are more concerned with profitability; however, the manager should also be involved in staff retention by empowering, rewarding, and making them feel appreciated.

Key stakeholders

The employee union is the major stakeholder involved. Since 1988 there has been an employee union to foster open communication between the management and staff within the facility. The union has enabled AHS to have a memorandum that seeks to solve problems relating to employees and patients. It has also helped provide better services to the community by providing access to needy people, increasing satisfaction, and reducing potentially avoidable deaths. Wong, A. (2015).

The senior management is the second stakeholder. Most of the board members at the AHS have formerly been patients in the facility. Therefore, they provide a better representation of the community’s interests. Therefore the members are essential to ensure that leadership understands precise community needs. The board members have also been local pastors, community representatives, and civil leaders. These meetings ensure that the needs of society are understood when creating healthcare goals.


Wong, A. (2015). Challenges for Asian health and Asian health promotion in New Zealand. In Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand 2015. http://www.hauora.co.nz/~hpforum/assets/files/Occasional%20Papers/15128%20%20FINAL%20%20Health%20promotion%20forum%20Asian%20promotion%20article.pdf

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