2500 word paper fo rthe following : What are the barriers to effective cross-cultural communication

 A1) Write a 2,500-word paper addressing the following:  What are the barriers to effective cross-cultural communication? How  might these be surmounted? Identify 1 global location where this barrier  is relevant and why.   Identify at least 2 theories of cross-cultural differences discussed in  class that can shed light on your own experiences of communicating  across cultures. If you use Hofstede’s theory or similar, only use one  dimension. What do these theories explain? What do they fail to explain? What are  the implications of your insights for cross-cultural communication in  international business organizations?   For the purpose of assurance of learning, the Cross-Cultural  Communication assignment will receive 4 scores, based on the following:  Score 1: The ability to identify the business issues involved in  cross-cultural communication, and to present a set of persuasive  recommendations (MBA-3M);  Score 2: The ability to draw upon the work of other disciplines,  especially from communication studies, in order to substantiate the  theoretical basis of the assignment (MBA-COMMUNICATION); Score 3: The ability to integrate learning from International Management  into the analysis (MBA-INTERNATIONAL); and Score 4: Demonstrate the utility of cross-cultural communication for  effective management practices (MBA-MGMT).  


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