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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Has the growth of the internet created more risk in terms of criminal activities.

Having these much people in the internet is a major factor that offers a platform for criminal activities taking place in the internet. It is important to analyze whether the growth of the internet has brought in more risks with regard to activities deemed criminal over the internet.

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Cybercrime is a concept that has grown vastly over time. A major way to determine this is the number of pending court cases with issues revolving around cybercrime. Many young children have an internet connection in their homes.

This is what has led to increased cybercrime. Over time, people have always shown interest in young innocent kids. This had led them to preying on them where they attempt to extort the children the least said.

Many sexual predators pose as innocent and probably age appropriate people on the internet nowadays. However, these people are very old and are out there to commit several crimes on these children. Some of these people operate to an extent of setting up meetings with these children pretending to be age-mates.

When they meet with these children, they have the audacity to kidnap them. Many are the times that they get to inflict physical harm on these innocent kids.

There are many variables that are applied in this case. One of the variables that are employed in this case involves the approach that involves uses and gratifications. The uses and gratifications approach defines the topic of study and relates personality to internet choice and usage very elaborately. It clearly states that the day to day requirements of an average human being are usually able to relate with the individual or communal characteristics.

Another factor that can be found to explain the question is by the use of the five-factor personality model. It is known that character is a factor that can be used to portray certain hidden or undiscovered needs in a person.

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