2 Page Anthropology Discussion

This assignment is in 2 parts. The instructions are below. The attachment is for part 2 of this assignment. It is needed to be able to answer the questions. Neither of these assignments require a cover page! Please make sure that both parts are VERY high quality. Please have this back to be in 24 hours.

Part 1.

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2 Page Anthropology Discussion
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Please use the questions as subheaders! Only need it to be 1 full page in length!

This week we’re looking at language in the midst of states of change– from children learning to speak to changes in languages over time to the emergence of new languages/linguistic change.  We will begin this discussion this week, but the issues that are raised will connect to major themes and similar material over the remainder of the course as well.

RESEARCH Ahern, Lightfoot, or Sandler readings and discuss the following:

  • How do cultural elements play into the phenomena discussed in your chosen text?  Was anything about the influence of culture it discusses particularly surprising?  If so, how does it challenge some of your assumptions in relationship to this topic?
  • How do ideas of change, time, or adaptation connect to the issues it discusses? 
  • Finally, revisit at least one of the Berlin and Kay, Whorf, Levi-Strauss, or Turner readings and discuss the relationship between the issues discussed there and the major themes of your chosen reading from this week.

 Part 2

Answer these questions using the questions as a subheader. It only needs to be 1 full page in length.  The article that these questions are refering to is attached. Please read whatever amount of the article you need to in order to be able to answer these questions.

  • What pragmatic/instrumental uses of language does it discuss?
  • In what ways does it show how shared language can be a tool to unite people, communities or nations?  In what ways does it highlight or discuss divisions?
  • How does language reflect social power/hierarchies in your chosen text?
  • What other connections do you see between your reading and the other readings this week?   Use at least one specific, cited example.


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