1200 words Essay

1200 words Essay. Research Question (102A):When Eurydice claims that she “hears” the “discourse” of the “citizens,” how does she challenge Creon’s newly established order TO generate deeper perceptions among the people? * Prayers* Voice/hearing/ear/woe* Telling the tale again.Book name: Sophocles Antigone 

Focal points are taken from that paragraph

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1200 words Essay
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1-we just have to focus on the Focal points

2- no plagarism


3- It should not looks like the high school ones

Eurydice: O all you citizens, I heard the sound of your discourse, as I approached the gates, Meaning to bring my Prayers before the face Of Pallas; even as I undid the bolts, And set the door ajar, a voice of woe To my own household pierces through my ears ; And I sink backward on my handmaidens Afaint for terror ; but whate’er the tale, tell it again; I am no novice, I, In misery, that hearken.

from this paragraph the focal points have been taken and we have to have an argumentative Essay

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