1-Start your critical reflection paper with a question regarding to Islamic study

Sunni & Shiite October 1 st, 2021 Two Approaches to politics and rule • 10 Differences Between Shia and Sunni Muslims – YouTube • Third Century after Hijra • Sunni : al – Sunna wa’l -Jama’a : the people of the Prophet’s Sunna & Community • Shiite: Supporters of Ali: Muhammad’s charisma continued in the line, and thus each succeeding Imam had an intrinsic authority. • Critic: • Sunni to Shiite: an ancient tradition of divine kingship • Shiite to Sunni: Tradition of Sheykh and the concept of white hair rather than wisdom and considering criterion Reasons Sunni’s Reason for Abu Baker • Surah Al -Lail / The Night • But the righteous will be spared from it .(17) who donate “some of” their wealth only to purify themselves (18) And not [giving] for anyone who has [done him] a favor to be rewarded (19) Shiite’s Reason For Ali • Surah Al -Ma’idah /The Table Spread • Only Allah is your Vali and His Messenger and those who believe, those who keep up prayers and pay the poor -rate while they bow. (55) What Is your Thought about these two approaches?

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1-Start your critical reflection paper with a question regarding to Islamic study
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