1. Question e-business

How does an e-Business differ from a regular business in terms of value perceived by customers? What can e-businesses do to increase this value and consequently increase sales and profitability.

2        Question: Business Intelligence

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1. Question e-business
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What is a Business Intelligence system? How does it work? How can a Business Intelligence system help companies, large or small, to build or maintain competitive advantage? What concerns a business owner should have before investing in a Business Intelligence project?

·         Read the questions through and make sure you understand them. The questions are open- ended, and you are expected to do your own research on each topic to answer them.

·         Make sure you don’t simply list or copy and paste information from your sources. I expect you to synthesize your findings with you own words. All papers are submitted to Turnitin.

·         Use a maximum of 2 pages (double space) per question to answer them. [Title & references pages excluded]. Use Times Fonts (12), left aligned.

·         Remember, I am looking for your insight not other sources’ opinions. Ensure that cite and list the references you use (the Similarity to other sources should not exceed 10%), using APA.

DO NOT REPEAT the question – paraphrase it as a heading.

INCLUDE and Introduction and a Conclusion. Hint: introduce the reader to the content of your paper. You could have a brief introduction/conclusion for each part (question).


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