1. In excel, complete the following two bank reconciliations and entries:

 A. Prepare Bank Reconciliation

Stevens Company’s August 31st bank statement shows a balance of $14,750. McKnight’s books show a August 31st cash balance of $13,600. Stevens also has the following information: Deposits in transit as of August 31st, $1,000 Outstanding checks as of August 31st, $2,500 $100 service charge reported on the bank statement NSF check returned with bank statement, $1,500 Interest on note receivable collected by the bank, $1,250

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1. In excel, complete the following two bank reconciliations and entries:
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Required: Hide Prepare Stevens Company’s bank reconciliation as of August 31st.

Prepare any necessary journal entries resulting from the reconciliation.

B. Prepare Bank Reconciliation

Ella Company’s September 30 bank statement shows a balance of $53,810. Ella’s September 30 cash balance is $45,800. Hayley also has the following information: Deposits made but not appearing on the September bank statement, $5,500. Check written but not appearing on the September bank statement, $12,200. One check written for the purchase of Supplies was erroneously recorded for $890 but appears on the bank statement at $980. Monthly service charges listed on the bank statement are $230. Hayley had already recorded the effect of $130 of those charges. A customer payment for a $1,500 receivable was collected by the bank but not yet recorded by Ella.

Required: Hide Prepare Ella’s bank reconciliation as of September 30.

Prepare any necessary journal entries resulting from the reconciliation.

2. Complete the following allowance for doubtful accounts assignment:

Cookie Company, Inc. offers credit terms to its customers. At the end of 2021, accounts receivable totaled $625,000. The allowance method is used to account for uncollectible accounts. The allowance for uncollectible accounts had a credit balance of $32,000 at the beginning of 2021 and $21,000 in receivables were written off during the year as uncollectible. Also, $1,200 in cash was received in December from a customer whose account previously had been written off. The company estimates bad debts by applying a percentage of 10% to accounts receivable at the end of the year.
1.Prepare journal entries to record the write-off of receivables, the collection of $1,200 for previously written off receivables, and the year-end adjusting entry for bad debt expense.

 3. Inventory Costing Methods

Bay Path Hardware provides the following information relating to its June inventory activity. Hahn uses a perpetual inventory system.

DateTransactionUnitsUnit CostTotal Cost

Compute the ending inventory and cost of goods sold using the FIFO, LIFO, AND, Weighted Average Cost costing method. Submit in excel with each method on a separate tab.

4. Depreciation Methods (show each method in a separate excel tab)

Appliance Steel purchases a machine on January 1 for $25,000. The machine has an estimated useful life of seven years, during which time it is expected to produce 114,800 units. Salvage value is estimated at $1,500. The machine produces 16,500 and 15,200 units in its first and second years of operation, respectively.


Calculate depreciation expense for the machine using the straight-line method of depreciation.
$ / yr.

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